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to the 


DNYhome Wiki



This is an interactive wiki that accompanies 


[click above to find the syllabus.You can also find a link to it on the sidebar]


This wiki is where you will document your experiences this semester, on your own page, that you will control, but that others can see. The wiki is also a place you can read explanations of assignments and follow links to readings and videos that will supplement the course. 

Two guiding questions for this course are:


What is home?


What is it like not to have a home?







 We will explore these questions in various ways this semester: through readings and listenings, and most importantly, through personal experiences. These experiences will be crucial, and your reflections and expressions of your experiences will be a large part of the work of the course.




  To get started, please follow the link on this image:



The information is from Coalition for the Homeless. Spend some time on the Home Page for this site. Follow your curiosity from the front page to other pages on the site. Your journey should be extensive. Respond to what you have found and describe your thoughts on your journey around the site in detail, on your own wiki page, once you create it. See below.








Create your own page on this wiki



Once you have created your own page, respond to your experience on the Coalition site, on your page. In your response, reflect:


What surprised you? What new things did you learn?


Please be specific!




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